Zombies In The Media: What Makes Zombies So Cool?

post on December 12th, 2013
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Nowadays, Zombies, the re-animated corpses, have become very popular through the media. Individuals of all age groups have become an avid fan of the top 5 best zombie games and zombie movies. More and more people are getting obsessed to see a corpse revived by witchcraft which later drinks and eats human blood and flesh. Today zombies have become very popular through the media, a number of zombie games and zombie movies have fascinated viewers across the globe.

What Makes Zombies So Cool?

Generally, the terror management theory indicates that a human being dies and it is terrifying at the time of death. But we are fascinated with things such as a zombie which suggests that death is not the end. In order to stop thinking about death we take interest and divert our mind in some exciting concepts such as the zombie movie etc.

Some Other Factors That Make Zombies So Popular

Attractive zombies

The popular zombie movies and zombie games comes with some fascinating zombie which appears fun looking, strange looking, or frightening. The most excellent zombie movies and game features peculiar zombies.


Zombie aficionado can inform you that one of the biggest things that everybody waits for, is the initial gory death scene. Any media item cannot be called a zombie one if it does not have any aggressive death scene.

Non clichéd personalities

The popular zombie movies and zombie games have one or two characters which are peculiar and are special. The zombie attraction has influenced people of all ages through its movies & games. Zombie VS human. The majority of the zombie move and zombie games have a siege approach with the human being struggling to stay alive from the attack of the zombies.

One human idiot, a psychopath In most of the zombie movies, there is at least one individual who is a psychopath and very dangerous like the zombies. There will also be an idiot in most of the zombie movie, and zombie games, who does something to allow the zombies in. The above mentioned aspects make a zombie move and zombie game, cool and great.

Popular zombie movies

Some of the all time wellknown zombie movies are 28 Days Later, Alien Dead, Army of Darkness, Beverly Hills Body snatchers, Black Sheep, Brain Dead, Dawn of the Dead, The Ghost Breakers, Zombie Hood, Automaton Transfusion, The Battery, Bath Salt Zombies, Ghost Lakeetc. Likewise the zombie games are very much fascinating and popular among the youngster. In these games the players battle, fight against the hordes of living corpse called the zombies. You can check out a site like www.top5best.net for lists of the best games and movies.

Popular zombie games

The popular zombie games are accessible on Xbox 360, iOS Android, PC and PS3. Some of the well known zombie games are Left 4 Dead 2, Dead Island, Resident Evil 4, Dead Nation, Dead Space 2, and Call of Duty Zombies Saga, Dead Space 2, The House of the Dead: Overkill,Plants vs. Zombies, Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, etc.

On the whole the Zombie movie, zombie games are pretty cool things for the action and fun loving freaks.

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Fish Finders And Fish Finder Reviews

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Fish finders, like the ones reviewed at Fish Finder Fanatic, are a blessing when it comes to fishing in either freshwater or salt. You simply attach the transducer to your boat and then get in the water. Depending on the depth of the water, you will get some decent images on your fish finder and little blips that indicate where the fish are.

Fish finders use sonar (thats what the transducer does). Basically, sound radar! It bounces around the water looking for things like wrecks, the ground, brush, sunk logs and of course fish. The fish finder screen then displays this stuff as either blips, lines or in some of the more advanced fish finders, actual graphical representation.

If you are looking to purchase a fish finder, make sure you do visit a site like Fish Finder Fanatic and read some fish finder reviews. That way you will be better able to decide what kind of model you would like.

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Portable Ice Makers And Why Reviews Are Important

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Portable ice making machines can be a great buy provided you research them first by reading portable ice maker reviews. Whether it is for your business, your home or just your need for ice, the portable ice making machine is very popular and very useful.

An ice machine is a standalone appliance, and is obviously used for making ice. They can easily fit on a counter top considering they are so small. Size is important, but so is the efficiency of the product. Did you know that the portable ice making machine is actually said by many reviews to be the fastest ice making machine on the market today? That is what makes the product such a good and important investment.

The ice machine creates ice of one definite shape, and that is a shape similar to that of a bullet. The appearance of the ice should be opaque and cloudy. Other than that the portable ice machine creates the average ice cube.

How Portable Ice Makers Work Based On Reviews

The portable ice maker works because of water that is poured into the ice maker, then travels inside a small tube. The small pegs that are inside said tube are fully immersed in this water. These pegs happen to be what freezes the surrounding water, although it also has a heating system. After the surrounding water is completely frozen the pegs that were mentioned before go through the heating process. Although the pegs do not get to hot, they are hot enough to break free of the ice so that it can be dropped into the ice makers storage unit. The ice doesn’t stay frozen for long periods of time as you would know by reading ice maker reviews, so it may be in your best interest to use the ice quickly, although if you don’t try not to fret for the water will be recycled, and moved through the ice making process again.

Some special portable ice making machines feature an electronic cleaning cycle, for your convenience. If you want that, read the review on the portable maker well first. The basic storage capacity is 2.2 pounds of ice, which can be a lot. The ice making machine can weigh up to 29 pounds itself though. Normal tap water can be used to make your ice cubes, but bottled or filtered water is always an option to. Portable ice makers truly are great for those many reasons.

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Zombie Garden Gnomes For Sale

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garden gnome zombieWhen it comes to lenses, you usually find some amazingly cool things that you can’t find elsewhere. My favorite example of this is the zombie garden gnome. That is right! You can decorate your yard or garden with a gnome that is rotted away and looks like a zombie. This isn’t just cool for times like halloween, you can use one of this scary critters all year long!

Most garden gnomes are neat; they are funny and you can find all different kinds of gnomes for sale. There are sleeping gnomes, laughing gnomes, military ones, female garden gnomes and the list goes on. You can find lots of Squidoo lenses on these gnomes, but like I said, the zombie garden gnomes lens is definitely a fresh, exciting lens.

If you check out the lens, you will see you can buy garden gnomes really cheap, so make sure if you want to make your garden or yard look a little more unique, then you visit the lens and check out the selection of garden gnomes available. You won’t be disappointed and maybe you can pick up a mini gnome zombie!

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Over the Toilet Storage On Squidoo

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above the toilet shelves and cabinetsThere are a few great lenses on Squidoo that feature over the toilet storage as their motif. There is one on cabinets, one on shelving and one new lens all about the over the toilet space saver. The great thing about these options is that you can turn a small space like the bathroom into something more simply by adding a shelf. Check this link if you want to see more over the toilet storage  Over the toilet storage shelves and cabinets are great.

That was a little test in citation. Now, lets get back to our options. The lenses show you there are racks and shelves made of all kinds of materials for your bathroom. You place it above or behind the toilet and then you can store towels, toilettries, candles, extra toilet paper, magazines and whatever you like while saving the space these items would otherwise take up in another part of your bathroom. By putting in some kind of over the toilet storage you are assured that the space behind and above your toilet will not be wasted like it probably is now.

The lenses in question all use a popular ‘template’ that offers many clickable photos of the products in question. The idea is that these over the toilet cabinets and shelves are visually appealing and can be bought from an online retailer based mostly on how they look. A consumer does not need to physically see a bathroom space saver in order to make an informed decision, nor do they have to read lots of reviews like they would if they were investing a few hundred dollars into an electric motorcycle or something of that nature.

Now, you can see that the template does work. By offering a selection of items (sometimes up to 18 different bathroom storage options!) there is a high chance of getting a click through to the retailer. Then with luck you will see some conversions. Hopefully the over the toilet storage lenses are converting for the author.

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Decorating Using Slipcovers For Chairs And Sofas

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Decorating. Interior design. It’s all a great passtime. There are hundreds and hundreds of ways you can spruce up your home, and lots of lenses to look at! When you consider the amount of rooms you have, like bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms, you can see how quickly the items you can mess around with add up. From slipcovers on furniture, to picture frames and even candles the possibilities are endless.

Take slipcovers for wingback chairs for instance. You have an old wing chair, it looks kind of ratty. It is dusty, frayed and looking rough. A simple slipcover for that wing chair would cost $50 and you could put it on and the chair would look brand new again. Want plaid? Want leather? It’s all good. There is nothing wrong with fixing up the chair! This lens on slipcovers for wingback chairs can help you decide what you want.

Of course you could paint the chair if there is any wood on it. You could try to reupholster it even though that can be very costly and perhaps not worth it when you consider you could probably buy a new wing chair for the price of doing that. Furthermore, the time it would take is valuable as well. So when you consider everything, it is probably best to just buy a slipcover for the wing chair and be done with it. Which again brings about the suggestion you should check out that link to the lens.

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The SPQ Method: Dissecting A Guitar, Mp3 Player and Headphones For Kids Lens

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electric guitars for kids best mp3 players for kids

What do an electric guitar, an mp3 player and headphones have in common? Well, music for one. Another thing they have in common is the topic makes for a great SPQ lens!

SPQ stands for “Squid Pro Quo” and it is a fantastic product made by Erica Stone. It helps you to design and create a product lens for a very specific niche, like electric guitars for kids or perhaps another favorite best mp3 player for kids. The second lens discusses the best headphones for kids as well.

As you can see, the electric guitar for kids lens has a small amount of text compared to other lenses. Where it shines is the selection of guitars for kids and other musical products. This kind of thing encourages click through to the outlet, and hopefully a conversion. Electric guitars for kids gets numerous searches a month, and so it is a great target for shoppers looking to buy their child an electric guitar or other instrument.

The second lens is also musically based. This one however targets the best mp3 player for kids. It also matches nicely by providing numerous of the best headphones for kids as well. This way, you could hope to convert the shopper into purchasing both items at the same time and increasing your commission.

Hopefully you can see the power behind using SPQ as a basis for your lenses.

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The “Fitbit Reviews” Squidoo Lens Is A Great Example Of A Product Review Lens

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fitbit vs bodybugg

The ideal “Review” lens would focus on one product. This particular lens does just that, and goes so far as to compare it (the Fitbit) to other products. The author opens up with a quick but concise overview of the Fitbit Personal Fitness Tracker. This is followed by the benefits and main features of the fitness device, and explains how the Fitbit can help you. Next comes the drawbacks, which must be included if you want your lens to be considered impartial.

Next comes a decent overview of all of the Fitbit competitors like the Nike Fuelband and others. There is a comparison against all of them and gives a good idea of what the other devices can do.The Jawbone UP is present, and of course the ever popular Fitbit vs Bodybugg is touched upon as well. All of this section is very unbiased, so the reader is free to make their own decision.

Finally, the lens goes into great detail on the Fitbit vs Bodybugg argument. This is two parts, and is very extensive. The author makes sure to award a “win” for the device only if it deserves it, and even gives props to both devices. In fact, some readers may even want to research the Bodybugg further after reading the Fitbit vs Bodybugg section since you can see exactly what strengths that fitness device has.

You will definitely want to check out this lens for ideas on how to make a great “Review” lens. Especially pay attention to the section on Fitbit vs Bodybugg due to the great design and spreading it over two parts to increase the SEO value.

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