Ed’s Home Design Project – Brighten Up With A Skylight

Want to transform a dull humdrum room into something special? Installing a skylight could be the answer – skylights have the ability to provide 5 times more natural light than a window of similar size.

My kitchen was very dull, due to the fact the house next door was a two-story, which left my kitchen window in the shadows most of the day.

I decided to install a skylight for two reasons. First and foremost to allow as much light to enter the kitchen as possible. Second, to save on energy costs.

Installing a skylight will reduce the use of electricity in any season. In summer you can reduce your air conditioning expenses by allowing the hot air in your room to rise and escape through your skylight. Continue reading

Build A Personal Sauna With Ed

Building a personal home sauna can be tricky.

But, building your own portable sauna would come with many benefits.

You can do it 2 ways. By yourself using a kit that can be purchased, or you can get a professional (like me) to do it for you.

Both ways have their pros and cons too.

Sauna Kits You Can Buy

To start off I will tell you about the kits you can buy. To purchase a sauna building kit you buy them online.

Do your due diligence: make sure you read some portable sauna reviews first!

These are a lot harder to build than having a professional do it for you. You need to have dedication to build these. On the other hand, they are usually a lot cheaper than getting somebody to install it for you.

When you have somebody build a portable sauna for you, you have to pay extra.

Having A Professional Install It

You also have the choice to have somebody install it for you. This is more expensive than buying a sauna kit but it is a lot easier because you don’t have to do it.

All you have to do is contact a service that will do it. For example I am sure a spa will do it for you. Then all you have to do is sit back and wait and you will have a personal sauna just for you.

There are lots of other ways to get a sauna in your house. You can read all about it here.

Pros Of Building Your Own Home Sauna

There are many benefits to having an in home sauna.

Number 1 you don’t have to leave your home to use it. This is good because many people don’t enjoy leaving their house to go and find a sauna. Also many saunas you have to pay for to access.

Another factor many people enjoy about a sauna in your home is you don’t have to be inside it with other people; you can sit in it alone not having people look at you sweating and naked!

You can also clean it so you don’t have to worry about having other peoples germs on you.

Cons Of Having One For Yourself

There aren’t very many cons about having an in home portable sauna.

The only ones I can think of is they can cost a lot of money to install. But it will eventually pay for it’s self with the amount of times you may use it.

Also the high maintenance may be a pain in the butt. Cleaning it regularly may not be fun but with the amount of benefits this real isn’t a big deal. I am sure you would rather have one in your house and have to clean it than have to leave your house and find one to go to and have to share it with multiple people!


As you can see there are many great things about having a in home sauna. Although they may be a little costly, they are a great idea to have in your future home renovation plans.

They come with many benefits and can be quite easy to install if you find the right way to do it.

So if you are looking for a great way to relax at the end of the day you should consider installing an in home sauna.

Home Fitness Room

Over the course of the next few posts I am going to build an in-home fitness room complete with a portable sauna.

First, let’s talk about choosing the right equipment and layout.

A home fitness room can be beneficial for everyone. Whether you want to lose weight or just start a healthy living program, all you need is to plan a perfect fitness room in either a spare room or a basement and of course some equipment to go with it. Continue reading

Ed’s Start In Home Improvment

I got introduced to the home improvement business at the age of 15. My bike that I loved was broken and I needed a new one, but where to get the money? I decided to put up some notices around town for odd jobs, like mowing lawns and cleaning yards.

When my father who was in the home improvement business, saw me making the posters he said “ Ed” if you want to work for me at the weekends I will pay you and teach you at the same time.

And so it began, in the beginning it was a lot of hammering and cleaning up sawdust, but working with my father was a joy. He was happy, patient, knowledgeable and always did his best. Continue reading