Ed’s Home Improvement Intro

You want to learn about home improvement? Well, you’re gonna need some skills then. You might have a few but you’d be surprised at just what skills you need to be awesome at home improvement. Read on to find out!

1.) When you saw, you can’t splinter! That’s right. If you want to be awesome at home improvement one skill you have to master is sawing wood without having it splinter. This skill will save you time and money! It’s actually easier than you think, because the technique really just uses a straight edge, masking tape and something to score the wood with.

2.) Clean Caulking. Basically you have to be OCD. I am sorry but I have no idea why this is such a big deal. Of course I haven’t mastered this art so don’t expect any articles on caulking stuff here. I know what you’re thinking but stop.

3.) Fixing Loose Holes. More specifically I mean holes where hinges are screwed in. They often become stripped and then the hinge comes loose. Most people don’t realize its actually the stripped hole that causes their door or cupboard to tilt ever so slightly. But actually yes, you need to be able to tighten the screw! Which means fixing the loose hole.

4.) Use a brush and still finish smooth. A wonderful skill to have, it keeps your painting smooth as butter on a bald monkey.

5.) Tight nuts. They must be loosened! The pro’s make it look easy but actually, it is. You can simply try to tighten the nut first which often loosens it. Or you can tap it with a hammer which resets it. Perhaps apply heat? Or just do what I do and use “liquid wrench”. That stuff works wonders.

6.) Get tiles to fit perfectly around corners. My advice is just become a hardwood floor guy instead. Or for a short while at least, as the skills learned in either will help you do both. You know what I mean.

7.) Pull nails that have lost their head. Actually another easy one. Just put your hammer claw where it needs to go and use a set of locking pliers as the “nail head”. Simple.
There you have it. The list of the most important skills to have, other than skills, to be good at home improvement. But don’t worry, I’m here to help you fake it.
Stay tuned for the next few posts as I build the blog out!

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