I have to fill this page out because that’s what I’ve been told. This makes my site legit! But I don’t think so, I think the tips and the work I show you on my site is what will make it legit. Who cares about an ABOUT page? But anyway, someone does so I guess here we go.

I am Ed. Not the talking horse (wow are we really that old now?). I have been a lot of things in my life. A store owner, a pop (soda) salesman, a road worker, and a lot of things my wife has called me over the years. But the one thing I enjoyed the most was construction and the trades that went with it. I love to work around the house, and learned a lot of really cool shit along the way. Things I am going to teach you.

I am Ed, and I am the APEX, the Gosh Darn Pinnacle of Home Improvement!