Laminate Flooring With Ed’s Wife: Not Hard At All!

laminateSeveral years ago my wife and I decided to update the family room flooring as well as the living and dining room, as we thought the carpet was beginning to look quite worn-out. We initially considered re carpeting but thought we should at least check into other options and after many weeks of looking at different types of flooring we decided to go with laminate.

We chose laminate for several reasons: it’s durable, easy to clean, and so simple to install. There are many options available not only with the colors but also the widths and thicknesses of laminate flooring, so to begin with we chose the wider width of flooring as we felt it made for a better overall look and then opted for the thicker type as this seemed a lot sturdier and more durable, then last but not least we chose the color, it was a medium shade of brown not to dark and not to light.

My wife was a little nervous about laying the laminate even though the salesman assured her it was a simple job, but as she had never done this before, she purchased a video on the subject which turned out to be an extremely invaluable tool. After watching the video numerous times she felt she was ready to take on the challenge of laying the new floor.

She began her job with enthusiasm, cutting the carpet then rolling it up and removing it from the house, this took a little longer than expected but she finally came to the end of that tedious chore. Now she was ready to begin installing the floor, or so she thought! It turned out the family room floor was covered in linoleum under the carpet so we needed to put down a sub floor, which she did using 3/8 inch plywood, she screwed it down instead of using nails as the nails have a tendency to rise up over time, but the screws do not.

Next she put the bundles of laminate in the rooms she would be redoing and let them sit for 48 hours, this allows the wood time to adjust to the rooms temperature and minimize shrinkage after it’s laid.

At this point she swept the floors to make sure they were as clean as possible then began to put down the moisture barrier, this step is relatively easy, you just lay it down and tape it together using a moisture resistant adhesive tape, you must make sure the entire floor is covered.

If you have a concrete floor, run the plastic up the walls an inch or so, not extending above the baseboard. Then it was time for the foam floor padding, this is done to give the finished floor a cushion, cut the foam to fit and tape it down. Do not allow the foam to overlap.

Laying the floor is the last step, this was as the salesman had said a very easy job, especially after watching the video. In just a few days our new floors were installed and I must admit they looked extremely good, now we can move onto another home improvement project.

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