Over the Toilet Storage On Squidoo

admin post on December 16th, 2012
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above the toilet shelves and cabinetsThere are a few great lenses on Squidoo that feature over the toilet storage as their motif. There is one on cabinets, one on shelving and one new lens all about the over the toilet space saver. The great thing about these options is that you can turn a small space like the bathroom into something more simply by adding a shelf. Check this link if you want to see more over the toilet storage  Over the toilet storage shelves and cabinets are great.

That was a little test in citation. Now, lets get back to our options. The lenses show you there are racks and shelves made of all kinds of materials for your bathroom. You place it above or behind the toilet and then you can store towels, toilettries, candles, extra toilet paper, magazines and whatever you like while saving the space these items would otherwise take up in another part of your bathroom. By putting in some kind of over the toilet storage you are assured that the space behind and above your toilet will not be wasted like it probably is now.

The lenses in question all use a popular ‘template’ that offers many clickable photos of the products in question. The idea is that these over the toilet cabinets and shelves are visually appealing and can be bought from an online retailer based mostly on how they look. A consumer does not need to physically see a bathroom space saver in order to make an informed decision, nor do they have to read lots of reviews like they would if they were investing a few hundred dollars into an electric motorcycle or something of that nature.

Now, you can see that the template does work. By offering a selection of items (sometimes up to 18 different bathroom storage options!) there is a high chance of getting a click through to the retailer. Then with luck you will see some conversions. Hopefully the over the toilet storage lenses are converting for the author.

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