The “Fitbit Reviews” Squidoo Lens Is A Great Example Of A Product Review Lens

admin post on November 16th, 2012
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fitbit vs bodybugg

The ideal “Review” lens would focus on one product. This particular lens does just that, and goes so far as to compare it (the Fitbit) to other products. The author opens up with a quick but concise overview of the Fitbit Personal Fitness Tracker. This is followed by the benefits and main features of the fitness device, and explains how the Fitbit can help you. Next comes the drawbacks, which must be included if you want your lens to be considered impartial.

Next comes a decent overview of all of the Fitbit competitors like the Nike Fuelband and others. There is a comparison against all of them and gives a good idea of what the other devices can do.The Jawbone UP is present, and of course the ever popular Fitbit vs Bodybugg is touched upon as well. All of this section is very unbiased, so the reader is free to make their own decision.

Finally, the lens goes into great detail on the Fitbit vs Bodybugg argument. This is two parts, and is very extensive. The author makes sure to award a “win” for the device only if it deserves it, and even gives props to both devices. In fact, some readers may even want to research the Bodybugg further after reading the Fitbit vs Bodybugg section since you can see exactly what strengths that fitness device has.

You will definitely want to check out this lens for ideas on how to make a great “Review” lens. Especially pay attention to the section on Fitbit vs Bodybugg due to the great design and spreading it over two parts to increase the SEO value.

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