The Kitchen Cabinets

Buying a house is an extremely large step in life, not only is it expensive but it’s also a large responsibility.

When buying a house you should keep the expenses in mind, as not only will you need your mortgage payment every month and city taxes, but also an amount put aside for repairs and renovations.

Sometimes things just pop up and you will find it a lot easier on your pocket book if you are prepared for these problems. While you can be somewhat prepared for the small things in life the larger items may take a little more planning. Large renovations for example may need a budget of their own, while the smaller ones can be afforded on a day to day basis.

I purchased my house 25 years ago and tried over the years to keep it in fairly good condition, I put up fences, redid the roof, purchased new windows and replaced the cedar siding with vinyl. I also painted the inside of the house and changed the sinks and toilets for a more modern look, and of course did laminate flooring.

Actually I spent a lot of time over the years on repairs and renovations, and thought the place looked quite good but, when I took a close look at the kitchen cabinets I was shocked. Now I knew there was absolutely no way I could afford to purchase new ones, as that could run as high as 20 to 30 thousand dollars, that I did not have, so I decided to redo them.

First I chose and purchased the new handles, face plates and hinges. I also bought varathane, paint thinner and a couple of new brushes, I was ready, I thought.

I removed the first set of cupboard doors and realized what poor condition they were in, they had a build up of grease, even some of the varathane had wore away over time, they were definitely in need of a good cleaning.

After numerous trips the hardware store and the purchase of several cleaners, I chose Murphy oil soap as it hands down did the best job, along with plenty of elbow grease. After the cupboards were clean ( I only did one set at a time) I touched up any spots with stain, and allowed them to dry.

I then applied 3 coats of varathane, waiting a day between each coat, I did both sides of the cupboards this way they will look good open or closed. Then it was time for the face plates, handles and hinges, this part of the job took very little time as they just went into their original place.

Finally the job was complete and as I looked around the kitchen, I could not believe the difference it made. The kitchen had a whole new fresh look as if I had purchased a new set of cabinets, it was certainly worth the time and effort.

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