The SPQ Method: Dissecting A Guitar, Mp3 Player and Headphones For Kids Lens

admin post on December 3rd, 2012
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electric guitars for kids best mp3 players for kids

What do an electric guitar, an mp3 player and headphones have in common? Well, music for one. Another thing they have in common is the topic makes for a great SPQ lens!

SPQ stands for “Squid Pro Quo” and it is a fantastic product made by Erica Stone. It helps you to design and create a product lens for a very specific niche, like electric guitars for kids or perhaps another favorite best mp3 player for kids. The second lens discusses the best headphones for kids as well.

As you can see, the electric guitar for kids lens has a small amount of text compared to other lenses. Where it shines is the selection of guitars for kids and other musical products. This kind of thing encourages click through to the outlet, and hopefully a conversion. Electric guitars for kids gets numerous searches a month, and so it is a great target for shoppers looking to buy their child an electric guitar or other instrument.

The second lens is also musically based. This one however targets the best mp3 player for kids. It also matches nicely by providing numerous of the best headphones for kids as well. This way, you could hope to convert the shopper into purchasing both items at the same time and increasing your commission.

Hopefully you can see the power behind using SPQ as a basis for your lenses.

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